Richard H. Dana, PhD
Research Professor
Portland State Regional Research Institute

Dr. Dana is a leading world expert in psychological services and assessment. He has authored over 100 professional articles and 7 books. Currently an honorary research professor for the Regional Research Institute (RRI) at Portland State University, Dr. Dana’s  experience in the mental health field has been invaluable to the development of StepOne For Parents.  An accomplished author and national consultant, Dr. Dana has taught many courses, participated in and developed numerous research projects and is committed to the development of tools to assist in the mental health field. Of particular interest to Dr. Dana is research on assessment-intervention services and service delivery for multicultural populations.

Dr. Dana is currently a member of the International Council of Psychologists and the International Rorschach Society. His former affiliations include Past President of the Society for Personality Assessment, Council Member for the Southwestern Psychological Association and Past President of the Nevada Psychological Association. He received the Bruno Klopfer Distinguished Contribution Award from the Society for Personality Assessment, the Walter Klopfer Distinguished Contributions Award and the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the Arkansas Psychological Association. Dr. Dana is also an editor/reviewer for Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Dr. Dana received his education in psychology and clinical psychology from Princeton University and the University of Illinois.