Lynn Conner, BS
Software Engineer & Support

Co-designer of software for InCrisis and currently the Senior Software Engineer for Psychware, LLC, Lynn Connerís career includes software engineering positions for a myriad of large companies. She was most recently an active and influential component of a team who developed and adapted Fujitsuís Cobol language to Microsoft.NET.

Her work as Senior Software Engineer for companies including Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Atlas Telecom, ADP and Oregon Software, uniquely qualifies her for a key position in supporting and developing software for InCrisis.

Lynnís expertise in developing code, implementing features and resolving defects has been instrumental in the development of StepOne. She co-designs and implements all questionnaire forms, databases for storing user data, created code for navigating and implementing the forms as well as gathering and processing the data.

Lynn received her education from the University of California in Berkeley and Oregon Graduate Center in Portland, Oregon. She is trained in Microsoft Visual Studio for .Net, C#, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, SQL, Foundations of Object-Oriented Design and Microsoft Windows API Programming.