Kevin Rea
Director, Parent Advocacy


First and foremost, Kevin is a father of four and a grandfather of three. His professional carreer has led him to be a local, regional and national proponent of architecture and the significance of its importance in developing human habitat. Throughout his 27 years in planning, educating, building and developing he has created environments designed to enhance and sustain the personal and community living experience. His intuitive and creative spirit has been focused upon articulating and developing the wonder of a truly great “sense of place.”

An Oregonian since his family migrated to Bend from the Midwest in 1960, Kevin majored in Fine Arts at the University of Oregon, worked for several years in Alaska primarily as an engineer on the Trans Alaska Pipeline and started his building and development business in 1977. Since then he has twice studied Traditional Town Planning at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, produced several educational videos, given key note presentations at development conferences and has won many awards for his efforts including the Governors Livability Award for developing Village Wiestoria in Bend Oregon. He has experienced the life of parents with children at-risk and has served on the board of directors for a Wilderness School Program.

While most of his professional career has been in developing environments with a “sense of place” he is now focused on helping StepOne create and fulfill a “sense of purpose.” Kevin is devoted to people regardless of age, gender or race believing that we all need a healthy “sense of purpose.” We all need to be doing our collective best to insure that our children especially get the guidance and help they need to realize their potential.”